Mobile app and game development

  • Starboard: Ship battle

    Starboard: Ship battle

  • Starboard: FPS Concept

    Starboard: FPS Concept

  • MinesOfMishap

    Mines of Mishap: The stars of the show


We are a small Australian company in Melbourne who make mobile apps and games. Our team consists of Dave, who handles art and design; and Alister, the code wizard. Starting out in 2010, we funded our first iOS game, Mines of Mishap, through designing and building various apps for clients. We are now working on exciting things in the world of PC games and Virtual Reality.


Thunderhead are currently working on 'Starboard' - a multi-player first person shooter for PC with flyable, destructible spaceships and Virtual Reality support. Follow us over on our Facebook page for all the latest development pics, videos and updates.