• Hull Breach: Ships With Logo

    Hull Breach: Radical space combat

  • Hull Breach: Shootout

    Hull Breach: Shootout

  • Hull Breach: Marines

    Hull Breach: Marines

  • Hull Breach: Ships In Orange Space

    Hull Breach: Ships in space


Your ship is crippled.
So is the enemy's, and you find yourselves floating dangerously close in the abyss of space. Grabbing a plasma rifle off a nearby rack you head to the starboard airlock, ready to repel borders…

Board ships in intense fire-fights, man laser turrets and get sucked into the infinite void of space as you work together to destroy the enemy's ship while defending your own.

Check out our Steam Greenlight page for more info and to vote for us!


Thunderhead Interactive is a small games company based in Melbourne Australia, consisting of Dave (art and design) and Alister (code).

Starting out in 2010, we funded our first iOS game, Mines of Mishap, through designing and building various apps for clients. We are now working on exciting things in the world of PC games and Virtual Reality.

You can follow our little company at facebook.com/thunderheadinteractive.