Way back in 2010, a devilishly handsome animator (who was wasting his talents working full time in retail) was introduced to an equally handsome coder (who had just been laid off due to the GFC).
"Hello." Said Dave, the animator.
"Hello." Said Alister, the coder.
"I'm an animator. I like games." Said Dave.
"I'm a coder. I like games too." Said Al.

And on this socially awkward yet momentous occasion, Thunderhead Interactive was born.

Current Projects

Thunderhead are currently working on Mines of Mishap – a four player co-op action RPG for iOS (soon to follow on Android and Windows phone). Follow our Mines of Mishap Facebook page for all the latest updates.

Home-grown and hand-made in Melbourne Australia by two guys, we hope you enjoy the game!

  • MinesOfMishap

    Mines of Mishap: The stars of the show